Audience Insight

Our Audience Insight team bring together research strengths in the humanities and sciences to develop rich understandings of audience responses to immersive story experiences. Our interdisciplinary team spans media arts, psychology, neuroscience, electronic engineering, media and management, allowing us to draw on a wide range of research methods and approaches. Using diverse techniques such as media diaries, one-to-one interviews, focus groups, surveys, netnography, eye tracking and physiological recordings, we provide a multi-level perspective on audience attitudes and responses, spanning technical, human and societal factors.

Our programme of work has two strands. The ‘audience engagement’ strand characterises people’s immediate responses to particular immersive experiences, examining factors such as attention, memory, duration, response to multi-sensory cues, emotion, agency, embodiment and the impact of personalised or collective experiences. This strand also involves the application of creative engineering methods for immersive presentation to develop new, experimental forms. The ‘next generation audiences’ strand involves a longer-range analysis of young audiences, in order to understand the expectations and preferences of the audiences of tomorrow around new storytelling forms and technologies.

What is the benefit for audience insight partners?

StoryFutures audience insight team can help test products and projects in development, agreeing bespoke testing measures and objectives (short term), whilst our long-range audience study is aimed at delivering far-sighted insights to help the sector grow. The long range study benefits from stepping outside the ‘walled gardens’  of specific platforms to investigate media usage and consumption habits/preferences.


What is involved in working with the audience insight team?

  1. Short term service: we are interested to discuss projects in development that might benefit from our bespoke testing services. Contact for a discussion.
  2. Long-term service: we want interested BSAC members to help shape the priorities and design of our study of youth consumption practices in this space. Contact to take part.