StoryFutures Academy will partner proven directors, writers and screen based organisations with the most exciting and fast moving companies, platforms and technologies to produce and co-produce a series of cutting edge immersive productions, pilots and prototypes. We are looking to support innovation in story form and push the boundaries of storytelling in immersive.

Our co-production funding is designed to achieve three key aims:

  • Provide onward journeys for the companies and talent who participate in our placements, Writers Lab and experimental labs
  • Deliver training in action, providing opportunities for creative talent to learn through making and by taking part in immersive productions
  • Help grow the UK immersive sector to make it a world leader by enabling productions that tackle key creative and technical challenges.

Our co-funding comes with a commitment that our productions will offer opportunities to develop the next generation of talent who will graduate fluent in immersive storytelling techniques and who will subsequently have access to an alumni network of companies, organisations and storytellers that will enable their creative careers to flourish, whatever sector or career they choose to pursue.

This is a journey to an exciting space where compelling stories meet emerging technologies.

To find out more about this opportunity and to keep informed about our activities please: