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StoryFutures Academy offers a variety of way for creative practitioners, companies, talent, researchers and trainers to get involved. We’ll be rolling out our activities during 2019, but you can find the key info on our 5 main areas of activity below.

Across our programme of works, StoryFutures Academy is committed to ensuring diversity of participation, giving voice and form to the full range of British talent. We are supported by Sir Lenny Henry on our steering board and have pledged to meet his campaign’s goal of ensuring screen industries reflect British society: 50% female and 15- 20% BAME participants. StoryFutures Academy’s approach will help ensure that the ideas generators of the future are as diverse as its audiences will be. As we roll out our programme of opportunities, we will include bursaries to ensure that no one is excluded due to their income. We will also be working with partners to develop training and short courses all over the country.

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experimental labs

Experimental Labs


Paid Placements



writers labs

Writers Labs

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Researchers and Trainers

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